Fraud & Security

Member Security

At Red Rocks, our members' security is a top priority. Below are several articles with information on how to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. If you ever suspect that your Red Rocks accounts have been compromised, please call us immediately at 303-471-7625 and contact your local law enforcement agency.

Red Rocks members affected by online dating scam - here’s how to protect yourself.

Online dating is challenging enough, without having to worry about scammers. Unfortunately, this could affect anyone, including Red Rocks members.

We care about your security and well-being. To avoid becoming the victim of an online dating scam, here are some helpful tips:

·       If someone wants your personal information too quickly. Never share personal information such as account number, address, or SSN. If someone is pushing you to reveal any personal information too soon, it should serve as a warning sign.

·       If they can't meet with you in person. If they are requesting that personal information be sent electronically yet will not meet you in person, this is a huge red flag.

·       They confide in you about money trouble or a sick family member. By nature, we want to help others. If you’ve met someone online and they’ve began to gain your trust by sharing stories about their suffering loved one without proper medical care, job loss, etc., be cautious. They could be laying the groundwork to scam you by pulling on your heart strings.

Trust your intuition, if something makes you feel uncomfortable don’t do it. Also, rely on friends and family for feedback, sometimes they see things from a different and more realistic perspective.

For additional tips on how to avoid online dating scams please take a moment to read a recent article published by the FBI: