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Choose from 7,000 of the most well-maintained recent-model cars, SUVs, trucks and vans, many priced below Kelley Blue Book® Typical Listing Price.*

*75% of vehicles available for sale are 1-3 year old model vehicles, include at least 240 makes and models and are priced below Kelley Blue Book® Typical Listing Price.

Buying a vehicle is a big investment and sometimes the process can be frustrating. We make it easier for our members through partnerships that help you find what you’re looking for, get a fair price, and drive off into the sunset with a smile on your face.

Enterprise Car Sales

Car rental agencies always have the newest cars. Have you ever wondered what they do with the cars they’ve used for a year or two? They sell them, often at great prices! We partner with Enterprise Car Sales to offer you deals on used vehicles.

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Find all the information you need to make your next vehicle purchase! Red Rocks has partnered with AutoTrek to offer you a simple, convenient way to research new and used vehicles, find out how much your trade-in is worth, receive special incentives and more! AutoTrek has convenient locations in Littleton and Lafayette with fleet pricing on all makes and models of new vehicles, 125+ certified vehicles in inventory, and access to over 50,000 quality used vehicles.

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