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Enjoy No Closing Costs this summer on Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit with Red Rocks Credit Union!*

This summer, whether you are looking to take that epic dream vacation or spruce up your yard for the summer months, these goals can become reality with one of our Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit! And for a limited time, enjoy no closing costs! Details and rates of refinance and equity options below. Make sure to use HESUMMER17 to get the No Closing Costs offer. Offer ends July 31, 2017.

 *Based on approved credit. Offer valid on new Red Rocks Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit only. Each Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit closed during the promotional period will pay no closing costs. Appraisal and title fees do no apply to the No Closing Costs offer. To qualify for the offer, applications must be completed by July 31,2017 and close no later than August 15, 2017. To obtain a Red Rocks loan, you must have or open a Red Rocks Credit Union membership and maintain a minimum savings account balance of $5. Minimum loans amount of $10,000 required for fixed-rate Home Equity Loan. Minimum advance amount of $10,000 required for HELOC. If a balance of $10,000 isn't maintained for 90 days after the day the loan is dispersed on your Home Equity Line of Credit, $100 will be charged to your Home Equity Line of Credit and interest will accrue on that amount. To take advantage of this offer, member must mention promotion code HESUMMER17 to a Red Rocks representative or enter it in the promotion code section of the online application.



Do you need money for home improvements or debt consolidation? Maybe you need cash to buy that new sofa you've had your eye on for a while. You might even want money to take that dream vacation to Cancun. If this describes you, consider applying for a home equity loan with our company. You can even apply for home equity lines of credit.

When you receive home equity credit financing, you use your home's equity as collateral for a loan. No matter what type of home equity loan or home equity credit lines you're looking for, we can take care of you. Apply today and you can get cash from your home's equity for any type of financial need. Just look at what you can do with a home equity loan.

  • Consolidate your debt
  • Make improvements and repairs to your home
  • Buy another car so you can get rid of your old clunker
  • Pay for education expenses
  • Pay unexpected bills - the ones that creep up on you while you're not looking
  • Pay medical bills
  • Purchase new furniture

Home Loans

Refinance Options/Fixed-Rate Mortgage

A fixed-rate mortgage ensures that your monthly payment remains the same throughout your loan term. This is a great option for a quick close on a property. The following terms can be used to refinance your existing mortgage:

We offer fixed-rate mortgages with the following terms:

  • 10 year term
  • 15 year term


Other Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans


This product provides a lower payment option, while maintaining the benefits of a fixed rate. Payments are fully amortized over 30 years, with a balloon payment due after 7 years that can be paid in full or refinanced subject to credit approval. Minimum down payment of 10% depending on loan amount




Home Equity Lines of Credit

Great product for remodeling, travel, wedding expenses, etc. The HELOC works like a credit card and can be used as expenses arise.

  • Variable option
  • Fixed rate option



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Home Equity Loan Product Rates

Red Rocks Institution ID-412773

Home Equity Option

Up to 89.9% LTV 4.50%

Home Equity Loans

Up to 89.9% LTV 5.99%

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Up to 89.9% LTV 4.50%



*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for the HELOC product is accurate as of publication date and is subject to change. Published rates are based on approved credit and combined loan-to-value and adjust monthly based on the highest Prime Rate as published in the Money Rates Section of the Wall Street Journal in effect on the 25th of each month of each year. To determine the APR that will apply to your line of credit, we add a margin to the value of the index.

** Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Fixed-Rate products are accurate as of publication date and are subject to change. Published rates are based on approved credit and combined loan-to-value of your home. A combined loan-to-value below 75% is eligible to receive the 4.99% rate.

What You Should Know About Home Equity Loans

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Red Rocks Instituion ID- 412773