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Letter from the CEO

In 2017, we developed a strategic plan that provides a clear framework for the future, advances the member experience, and lastly ensures Red Rocks is financially sound.

As we move forward, all strategic decisions will be based on their impact on the membership. We heard our members and continue to make the transition toward an exceptional experience. As part of this, our tagline “Enjoy the journey” signifies the intimate relationships we have with our members and our ability to support their hopes and dreams through every stage of their journey. It is our goal to not only be a trusted financial partner but to also be a source of safety, strength, and inspiration. To truly serve means to treat them as friends, through good times and bad, while also recommending products and services that can add value to where they currently are in life.

During the past year, we have brought these values to life by acknowledging significant life events. Through our “MX Impact Dollars” program, we have sent over 150 gifts to members experiencing hardships such as the loss of a family member or illness, and have also helped them celebrate the birth of a new child or passing the Bar Exam.

In 2018, Red Rocks will continue to leverage survey data to improve product offerings, services, and preferred methods of communication. Most importantly, Net Promoter Score (NPS) will be influential to the future success of Red Rocks Credit Union.

We are proud to say that in 2017, Red Rocks reached a milestone of $300M in assets and ranked 4th on Return of the Member (ROM) out of 81 credit unions in the state of Colorado and within the top 1% of credit unions nationwide. This calculation is a representation of the member return which takes into consideration 1) loan and deposit rates in comparison to competitors, 2) product and service offerings, and 3) member utilization of these products.

Lastly, I wish to recognize your volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee and the management and staff of the credit union for their continued leadership, passion, and exceptional performance in 2017.

Patrick T. Ahern, President/CEO

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