Overdraft Privileges

Red Rocks Overdraft Privileges

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction. Your checking account has standard overdraft privileges that ensure transactions are paid when your account is overdrawn. You can also choose to extend your overdraft privileges to cover ATM transactions and one-time debit card transactions.

Your Checking Account Comes with Overdraft Protection

  • Your Checking Account is Linked to Your Savings Account
    If your checking account doesn't have enough money to cover a transaction, funds from your Primary Share savings account will automatically be transferred into your checking account. The fees for this service are in accordance with the published fee schedule.
  • Standard Overdraft Privilege
    If your account is overdrawn and there are not enough funds to transfer from your savings account, Red Rocks may elect to pay the overdraft transactions up to $750.00 for a transaction fee.

The following types of transactions are covered by the Standard Overdraft Privilege

  • Written checks
  • Electronic payments made using your checking account number
  • Online Bill payments
  • Recurring debit card transactions ( i.e. monthly phone bill)


The following types of transactions are not paid:

  • ATM transactions
  • One-time debit card transactions


The fees for this service are in accordance with the published fee schedule. Overdrafts are paid per the Credit Union’s discretion, which means there is no guarantee that a transaction will be paid. If an overdraft is not authorized to be paid, your check or ACH transaction will be returned as a “non-sufficient funds” transaction in accordance with the published fee schedule.

*Members are automatically enrolled in Standard ODP at the time of account opening. Extended ODP is optional and can be added to your account at any time (see below). If you would prefer to opt-out of ODP all together, you can do this by calling (303) 471-7625 or emailing support@redrocks.org to notify us of your preference.

Overdraft Privileges for Your ATM Transactions and One-Time Debit Card Transactions

Overdraft Privileges allows ATM transaction and one-time debit card transactions to be covered at our discretion just like the protection your checking account receives with the Standard Overdraft Privilege.

It's easy to elect this option online:

  1. Click here to access the required form.
  2. Authorize extended protection for the accounts of your choice.

The same fees occur with Extended Overdraft Privileges as with Standard Overdraft Privileges, and it is not guaranteed that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your check, debit card or ACH transaction will be returned as a "non-sufficient funds" transaction.

Extended Overdraft Privileges Frequently Asked Questions

Overdraft Privilege Brochure

Protecting Yourself from Overdraft and Bounced-Check Fees

Points to Remember about Overdraft Privilege


Current business account members are automatically opted in to extended overdraft privileges, so there is no need to elect this protection. For members who have Overdraft Lines of Credit, these services add additional protection for your transactions. View complete discretionary overdraft privileges disclosure

What Else You Should Know About Overdraft Privilege