Return of the Member

Red Rocks Credit Union was ranking in the top 3% in the country and ranked 5th in Colorado for Return of the Member!


To celebrate we thought we would reach out to you, the members, to help tell our story. Here is Ingrid P., member since 1997, and her daughter Krista.


Ingrid Media Screen


 "I have been a member of Red Rocks Credit Union since within a few days of moving to the house that I am still in - nearly 20 years later! Though I miss the old Rock on Plaza Drive, I still very much appreciate having you so close to us. Without RRCU, I would never have been able to refinance my home to take advantage of the lower rates. With RRCU, I have been able to feel secure using the online services because you take the extra sign-in validation precaution - I hate it because it takes another step, but I love it because I'm safer!"